[Template-haskell] GADTs

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 14 13:01:31 EDT 2006

Patch-level releases *never* change interfaces, so we can't do this in

It's a pity all this has come up days before the 6.6 freeze.  It's a
year since 6.4 came out, so there's been plenty of time!   There are
always more things to put in, so one  has to stop somewhere.

You can argue, if you like, to delay 6.6 by a month.  But we don't even
know how long it would take to have the design discussion


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| Hello Simon,
| Monday, August 14, 2006, 6:43:25 PM, you wrote:
| > | and, i think that adding TH constructs for all new language
| > | in 6.6 is really important for all TH developers. otherwise, we
| > | be like one-armed invalid. if SPJ don't want to change TH
| > | after 6.6 release, it should be done just now
| > Quite the reverse.  I think it's dangerous to fiddle just now,
| > there is only a matter of days before 6.6 is fixed.  But after 6.6
| > can review the data types and change them if there's a consensus.
| > exact design isn't something about which I feel strongly, apart from
| > principle in my previous message (avoiding gratuitous sugar)
| i hope that you will include this in 6.6.1 despite the fact that it
| backward incompatible change? otherwise, postponing using of GADTs
| with TH until 6.8 will be not so great..
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