[Template-haskell] Avoiding linking final executable to TH

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 11 07:46:41 EDT 2005

Einar raises another TH-linking question: how to avoid linking the TH
libraries (which are needed at compile time) into the runtime

The difficulty is that GHC doesn't know for sure that you aren't going
to need the libraries at runtime too.

If you do a batch link step
	ghc -o foo This.o That.o Main.o -package mylib
does that work ok?  Is the problem only with --make?

I'm reluctant to have two kinds of imports. Other ideas welcome.  Better
still, someone willing to take up the cudgels.  Again, once the
specification is clear, we can offer guidance.


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| Hello
| Are there currently any plans to avoid linking the final executable
| TH? As far as I understand currently the situation is as follows:
| Module M uses TH code defined in MTH.
| Module MTH imports TH modules and thus needs to be linked with
| The simplest way to deal with this could be to use a special
| compile-time import construct between M and MTH - so that MTH would
| not need to be linked with M (and thus template-haskell would not be
| needed either).
| Are there any plans regarding something like this or an another
| - Einar Karttunen
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