[reactive] Subtle weirdness with lplace demo

David Sankel camior at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 11:12:27 EST 2008

When I run the lplace demo in reactive-fieldtrip, I get two different
responses to a certain input.

Input: press the mouse down, hold current position for a couple seconds,
then move the mouse while down.

Response 1: Two new tori display when the mouse is pressed.
Response 2: Two new tori display when the mouse is moved after the press.

I get response 2 about 2/3 of the time. I wonder if this is connected to
ticket 2 (http://trac.haskell.org/reactive/ticket/2) since it has this
delayed response.

conal, can you reproduce this on your linux machine?


David Sankel
Sankel Software
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