[nhc-users] porting nhc98 to plan9

Fernan Bolando fernanbolando at mailc.net
Tue Sep 8 20:00:56 EDT 2009

Hi all

I am trying to look into porting nhc98 to plan9. Plan9 has only two C
compiler and it doesnt support all the C capability available in
Unix due to the difficulty in emulating some areas of unix into plan9.

So far getting some section of nhc98-1.20/src/runtime compiled works
ok, but I had to a do some minor changes on the section of code below.
The C preprocessor coudn't determine the value of the initializer for
F0_Prelude_46primLeave[], giving the error
"initializer is not a constant for F0_Prelude_46primLeave".

I tried to hard code the value, but was not sure if my number is
correct, so I wanted to get first hand information.

--snippet from newmacros.h ---
#define VAP_TAG  1

#define WORDSHIFT  5

#define NS         (WORDSIZE>>3)
#define ZAP_BIT    (1L<<(WORDSIZE-1))

#define CAPTAG(fun,need)  useLabel(fun) - (NS + 2 + (2 * need)) + VAP_TAG

#define useLabel(name)		((unsigned)name)

-- snippet from newbuiltin.c ----
unsigned F0_Prelude_46primLeave[] = {
#ifdef PROFILE
, useLabel(PROF_primLeave)
, 0
, 0
, 0



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