[nhc-users] failure to compile on mips-sgi6.5

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Dec 12 13:31:01 EST 2003

"William S." <wstan at xs4all.nl> writes:

> OK, got past the first problem. Have this now:
> gcc -S   -DHIGH_BYTE_FIRST -O3 -I/usr/people/wstan/nhc98-1.16/include
>          -DVERSION="\"1.16\""   -o - newtables.c | sed '/.align 32/s/32/4/' |\
>          gcc -c -x assembler   -DHIGH_BYTE_FIRST -O3
>          -I/usr/people/wstan/nhc98-1.16/include -DVERSION="\"1.16\""   -o
>          /usr/people/wstan/nhc98-1.16/targets/mips-IRIX6/obj/runtime/Kernel
>          /newtables.o -
> as ERROR:  -E or specified language required when input is from standard input

Strange.  The second call to gcc does indeed get its input from
stdin, but it also explicitly specifies the language with '-x
assembler'.  Because of the mention of the -E option (indicating
the C pre-processor), it is possible that on mips-IRIX6 you actually
require the language to be '-x assembler-with-cpp'.

You can change this option in src/runtime/Kernel/Makefile, in the
rule for ${SOBJS}.

> Easy fix or should I try the Cygwin branch? (not sure how to select
> for that).

No, Cygwin's quirks are not relevant here.


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