[nhc-bugs] another unicode bug

Antonio Regidor García a_regidor at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 30 07:52:47 EDT 2004

Thanks, I will look at the nhc code and try to implement it (slowly,
anyway...). Regards.

Antonio Regidor García

> The Haskell'98 Report says:
>     Haskell uses the Unicode [11] character set. However, source
>     programs are currently biased toward the ASCII character set used
>     in earlier versions of Haskell.
> I'm afraid it is still true that all the compiler implementations
> accept only 8-bit characters in source files.  You can notate a
> larger
> character with a hex escape e.g. '\x10d5', but often this is
> truncated
> to the lower 8-bits on output.
> The use of Unicode in Haskell remains a hope, not a reality.
> Regards,
>     Malcolm

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