[nhc-bugs] read "hexadecimal digits"?

Kwanghoon Choi khchoi at jaist.ac.jp
Mon May 31 00:38:28 EDT 2004


As the following script shows, hexa-decimal digits
cannot be recognized by 'Prelude.read'. 
It seems to be a bug.


Kwanghoon Choi

[khchoi at www] 37 % cat Test.hs
module Main where
import Char
main =
 do {
      putStrLn (show (chr (read "0x2B" :: Int)))
[khchoi at www] 39 % nhc98 -o test Test.hs
[khchoi at www] 40 % ./test
Prelude.read: no parse
[khchoi at www] 41 %

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