Package takeover: bzlib

Andrew Lelechenko andrew.lelechenko at
Sat Mar 9 15:30:13 UTC 2024

I’d like to take over `bzlib` package ( 

I’ve contacted the package maintainer (Duncan Coutts, CC'd) by email twice in Aug 2023 and Oct 2023, but never heard back. Earlier Duncan granted me rights for `tar` and `zlib` packages, so I imagine he is just exceedingly busy. 

`bzlib` package has been on life support by Hackage Trustees for many years with a fork maintained at While I can do another non-maintainer upload in my Trustee hat, I’d like to seek a more permanent solution and maintain `bzlib` back to its canonical home at (which I already have access to).

I do not plan any drastic changes. The immediate cause of this request is HSEC-2024-0002 (,, which identifies a security vulnerability in `bzlib`, thus raising a need for urgent update. 

Best regards,

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