Storable instance of () is broken

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Wed Jan 5 12:18:20 UTC 2022

Am Mi., 5. Jan. 2022 um 13:11 Uhr schrieb Harendra Kumar <
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> [...] In my opinion, the right thing here is to have uniform
> semantics with a non-zero size for objects that are stored or
> retrieved from memory.

Which way is more uniform seems to depend on your POV, and base's choice
has been made a long time ago, so that ship has sailed...

> If I were the owner of the base package I would do that.

Then I'm quite happy that you aren't. ;-) API breakages should have a
*very* good reason, not just that it makes life easier for a single library.

> This optimization in my opinion is a micro-optimization which
> is irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. If someone wants to
> optimise for this case there could be ways to do that. But again it is
> subjective - this vs that.

IIRC there were no deep thoughts or arguments about optimizations at all at
that time, but I still find the Storable () instance OK in its current
state today.
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