[ANN] fresnel initial release

Rob Rix rob.rix at me.com
Tue Feb 22 01:55:59 UTC 2022


I’m pleased to announce the initial release of fresnel, an optics library optimizing for few dependencies, familiar tools, and decent error messages, without sacrificing functionality. fresnel is available at:

- https://hackage.haskell.org/package/fresnel-
- https://github.com/fresnel/fresnel/releases/tag/

Feature requests, issues, and other feedback are welcome at https://github.com/fresnel/fresnel/issues


- Most of the optic types from lens and optics. No Indexed*, however.
- Compose optics using . much like in lens.
- Decent error messages, much like in optics.
- Few dependencies. I’m considering pulling At/Ixed into a new package to reduce the dependency list that much more, out of a desire to “pay for what you use.” I’m considering divesting the package of the profunctors dependency for much the same reason.
- Named for a real-world optic which has saved countless lives by its use in lighthouses around the world.

Best regards,

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