[ANN] Core Libraries Committee Elections

Emily Pillmore emilypi at cohomolo.gy
Mon Sep 13 19:30:16 UTC 2021

Dear Haskell Community,

The Core Libraries Committee is seeking new members! As detailed in recent updates (see: https://discourse.haskell.org/t/state-of-the-core-libraries-committee-update/2911 ), we put out an internal call to discuss restructuring the CLC to better meet the needs of the community. In particular, we are in the planning stages of writing the new process, and are seeking **2** new members who, as part of their standard CLC duties, get to participate in its construction.

## Who should apply?

Anyone who meets the following criteria should apply:

1. Candidates should have enough bandwidth to review merge requests to `base` on a semi-frequent basis (2 to 3 per month), and *sustain* this for their term in a healthy manner.

2. Candidates should be able to contribute opinions and analysis to issues raised by the community as a part of the new Github-based CLC process on a semi-frequent basis (2 to 3 per month).

3. Candidates should be good communicators, and at least be able to articulate to the CLC team when they will be available vs. unavailable.

4. Candidates should be productive, and be able to follow through on merge requests and conversations to their completion in a diligent and timely manner.

We encourage any and all who satisfy these requirements to apply. Please note that we are not looking for the biggest galaxy brain in the room - quite the opposite. We are looking for productive, motivated individuals who want to help support the ecosystem that we love. As such, we hope to build a broad sample of the community.

This election is particularly special due to the fact that our new members will have the chance to help shape process for new generations of the CLC to come, and can take ownership from the ground up so to speak. This means that we can help shape a process that works better for us as modern Haskell developers, and help the CLC become a better fit for the community's needs.

## How can I apply?

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to the CLC email address ( core-libraries-committee at haskell.org ) that consists of the following data:

1. The header "CLC Election September 2021 - <your name>"

2. Why you think you're a good fit given the above criteria

3. If applicable, please point us to some code you've written

## When will elections be decided?

Please note the following dates:

1. Election submissions open: Sept 13

2. Election submissions close: Sept 20

3. Election outcome announced: Sept 27


Emily - on behalf of the CLC
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