Is it possible to update hackage base- Data.Foldable HTML?

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at
Mon Sep 13 17:06:37 UTC 2021

The Data.Foldable documentation included with the GHC 9.0 release
used a newish haddock syntax `someFunction'` rather than the more
traditional 'someFunction''.  It turned out that the former was
not supported by the version of haddock that builds the "hackage"
docs.  Thus, in

various references to `foldl'` and `foldMap'` are rendered as
"foldl`" and "foldMap`" and rather unfortunately hyperlink to
the "bare" 'foldl' and 'foldMap' respectively.

The non-portable haddock syntax was replaced in a later MR, but
the online documentation has not been regenerated since.

Is there a mechanism to have the documentation regenerated to read
as intended?  Either by running a more recent haddock (that supports
the new `someFunction'` syntax) or by using a patched Data.Foldable
that differs from the 9.0.1 release only in addressing documentation

I can build and provide a replacement pre-compiled HTML file if that's
the simplest way forward...


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