RFC: Add HasCallStack constraint to partial Data.List functions.

Hécate hecate at glitchbra.in
Mon May 31 16:31:04 UTC 2021

I think the vast majority of the functions presented in this proposal 
have a total counterpart, whether it is a function or a code pattern. We 
have NonEmpty in `base`, as well as ExceptT/MonadError and Exceptions to 
allow us to mimic such a cul-de-sac in the code with appropriate 
annotations around it.

Le 31/05/2021 à 18:15, Henning Thielemann a écrit :
> On Mon, 31 May 2021, Ryan Trinkle via Libraries wrote:
>> I certainly agree that a more systemic solution would be preferable.
>> However, none have been forthcoming in the 15 or so years I've been
>> using Haskell.  The use of partial functions in library code has been
>> one of the few consistent sources of multi-day debugging exercises in
>> Haskell that I've seen, and even cutting that down in an ad-hoc way
>> would be valuable, since there are probably a dozen functions that
>> account for 80% of the debugging hours (I'd certainly like to see
>> fromJust on that list, for example).
> I understand the proposal as tagging all partial functions in a 
> compiler accessible way, in order to tell the user: Don't use that 
> function!
> If so, then we should make sure that every such tagged function has a 
> total counterpart.
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