expose strlen from Foreign.C.String

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Wed Jan 20 23:00:58 UTC 2021

On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 09:54:30AM -0800, chessai wrote:

> I've wanted the following before:
> foreign import ccall unsafe "strlen"
>   cstringLength# :: Addr# -> Int#
> cstringLength :: CString -> Int
> cstringLength (Ptr s) = I# (cstringLength# s)
> A natural place for this seems to be Foreign.C.String.

Why a new FFI call, rather than `cstringLength#` from ghc-prim: GHC.CString
(as of GHC 9.0.1):

    9.0.1-notes.rst:  ``ghc-prim`` library
    9.0.1-notes.rst:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    9.0.1-notes.rst:  - Add a known-key ``cstringLength#`` to ``GHC.CString`` that is eligible
    9.0.1-notes.rst:    for constant folding by a built-in rule.

    ghc-prim/changelog.md:  - Add known-key `cstringLength#` to `GHC.CString`. This is just the
    ghc-prim/changelog.md:    C function `strlen`, but a built-in rewrite rule allows GHC to
    ghc-prim/changelog.md:    compute the result at compile time when the argument is known.

    CString.hs:  -- | Compute the length of a NUL-terminated string. This address
    CString.hs:  -- must refer to immutable memory. GHC includes a built-in rule for
    CString.hs:  -- constant folding when the argument is a statically-known literal.
    CString.hs:  -- That is, a core-to-core pass reduces the expression
    CString.hs:  -- @cstringLength# "hello"#@ to the constant @5#@.
    CString.hs:  cstringLength# :: Addr# -> Int#
    CString.hs:  {-# INLINE[0] cstringLength# #-}
    CString.hs:  cstringLength# = c_strlen

Which is in turn re-exported by GHC.Exts:

    GHC/Exts.hs:  -- * CString
    GHC/Exts.hs:  unpackCString#,
    GHC/Exts.hs:  unpackAppendCString#,
    GHC/Exts.hs:  unpackFoldrCString#,
    GHC/Exts.hs:  unpackCStringUtf8#,
    GHC/Exts.hs:  unpackNBytes#,
    GHC/Exts.hs:  cstringLength#,

It is perhaps somewhat disappointing that the cstringLength#
optimisations for `bytestring` (in master) aren't included in the
`bytestring` version in 9.0.1.


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