CLC Election January 2022

Andrew Lelechenko andrew.lelechenko at
Fri Dec 24 19:01:46 UTC 2021

The Core Libraries Committee is seeking for a new member!

# Who should apply?

Anyone who meets the following criteria should apply:

* Candidates should have enough bandwidth to review merge requests to `base` on a semi-frequent basis (2 to 3 per month), and sustain this for their 3 years term in a healthy manner.
* Candidates should be able to contribute opinions and analysis to issues raised by the community as a part of the CLC proposal process on a semi-frequent basis (2 to 3 per month).
* Candidates should be good communicators, and at least be able to articulate to the CLC team when they will be available vs. unavailable.
* Candidates should be productive, and be able to follow through on merge requests and conversations to their completion in a diligent and timely manner.

We encourage any and all who satisfy these requirements to apply. Please note that we are not looking for the biggest galaxy brain in the room - quite the opposite. We are looking for productive, motivated individuals who want to help support the ecosystem that we love. As such, we hope to build a broad sample of the community.

Candidates, who stand for CLC Elections back in September, are most welcome to apply again.

# How can I apply?

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to core-libraries-committee at that consists of the following data:

* The header "CLC Election January 2022 - {your name}".
* Why you think you’re a good fit given the above criteria.
* If applicable, please point us to some code you’ve written.

Please apply before Feb 1. 

Best regards,

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