Andrew Lelechenko andrew.lelechenko at
Sat Dec 11 01:35:12 UTC 2021

On behalf of maintainers I'm happy to announce that bytestring- ( is finally released.

Highlights from the changelog (

* New functions:
   * ultra-fast SIMD-based `isValidUtf8` validator,
   * `foldr'`, `foldr1'`, `scanl1`, `scanr`, `scanr1`, `takeEnd`, `dropEnd`, `takeWhileEnd`, `dropWhileEnd`, `spanEnd`, `breakEnd` for lazy `ByteString`,
   * `writeFile` to dump `Builder` directly,
   * `fromFilePath` and `toFilePath` for locale-aware conversions.
* Performance improvements:
   * speed up `floatDec` and `doubleDec` up to 10x using Ryu algorithm,
   * new SIMD-based `count` is up to 5x faster,
   * improve inlining of `foldl`, `foldl'`, `foldr`, `foldr'`, `mapAccumL`, `mapAccumR`, `scanl`, `scanr` and `filter`,
   * faster internal loop in `unfoldrN`,
   * use a static lookup table for Base16 `Builder`s.
* Add `Lift` instances for `ByteString` and `ShortByteString`.
* Put `HasCallStack` constraints onto partial functions.

Many people contributed their time and effort to make this release happen. Just to name a few in no particular order, mostly according to `git log`:

* Koz Ross
* Lawrence Wu
* Sylvain Henry
* Andreas Abel
* Ignat Insarov
* Luke Clifton
* Kyriakos Papachrysanthou
* Oleg Grenrus
* Simon Jakobi
* Cameron SkamDart
* Callan McGill
* Georg Rudoy
* Nanami Yokodake
* H├ęcate Kleidukos
* Viktor Dukhovni
* me

Best regards,

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