Proposal: add generic helpers for MonadZip

David Feuer david.feuer at
Sun Aug 22 01:44:06 UTC 2021

We can offer generic helpers for writing MonadZip instances:

genericmzipWith :: (Generic1 m, GMonadZip (Rep1 m)) => (a -> b -> c)
-> m a -> m b -> m c
genericmzipWith f m n = to1 $ gmzipWith f (from1 m) (from1 n)

genericmunzip :: (Generic1 m, GMonadZip (Rep1 m)) => m (a, b) -> (m a, m b)
genericmunzip m = case gmunzip (from1 m) of (r1, r2) -> (to1 r1, to1 r2)

These can be used with appropriate product types (there's no way to
zip sums generically). I propose adding these to Control.Monad.Zip.
The GMonadZip class and its instances are below.

class GMonadZip f where
  gmzipWith :: (a -> b -> c) -> f a -> f b -> f c
  gmunzip :: f (a, b) -> (f a, f b)

instance MonadZip f => GMonadZip (Rec1 f) where
    gmzipWith f (Rec1 fa) (Rec1 fb) = Rec1 (mzipWith f fa fb)
    gmunzip (Rec1 fab) = (Rec1 fa, Rec1 fb)
        -- We want to be lazy here, because this might actually
        -- be recursive. We do a lot of NOINLINE to get selector
        -- thunks to avoid space leaks.
        {-# NOINLINE mufab #-}
        {-# NOINLINE fa #-}
        {-# NOINLINE fb #-}
        mufab = munzip fab
        (fa, fb) = mufab

instance (Functor g, MonadZip f, GMonadZip g) => GMonadZip (f :.: g) where
  gmzipWith f (Comp1 fga1) (Comp1 fga2) = Comp1 $ mzipWith (gmzipWith
f) fga1 fga2
  gmunzip (Comp1 fgc) = case munzip . fmap gmunzip $ fgc of
    (p, q) -> (Comp1 p, Comp1 q)

-- | @since
instance GMonadZip U1 where
    gmzipWith _ _ _ = U1
    gmunzip _ = (U1, U1)

-- | @since
instance GMonadZip Par1 where
    gmzipWith = coerce
    gmunzip = coerce

-- | @since
deriving instance GMonadZip f => GMonadZip (M1 i c f)

-- | @since
instance (GMonadZip f, GMonadZip g) => GMonadZip (f :*: g) where
    gmzipWith f (x1 :*: y1) (x2 :*: y2) = gmzipWith f x1 x2 :*:
gmzipWith f y1 y2
    -- Why don't we need to be lazy in this munzip? If we're working with
    -- Rep1, then laziness will be added by the Rec1 instance. If we're working
    -- with Rep, then we can't have any K1s because K1 isn't an instance of
    -- Monad, let alone MonadZip!
    gmunzip (fab :*: gab)
      | (fa, fb) <- gmunzip fab
      , (ga, gb) <- gmunzip gab
      = (fa :*: ga, fb :*: gb)

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