[ANN] bytestring-

Andrew Lelechenko andrew.lelechenko at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 12:06:43 UTC 2020

On behalf of the maintainers team I'm happy to announce that bytestring- (http://hackage.haskell.org/package/bytestring- is finally released. It is to be shipped with the upcoming GHC 9.0.

Highlights from the changelog (https://github.com/haskell/bytestring/blob/

* Optimize internal representation of ByteString reducing allocations.
* Rewrite rules for {take,drop}While, any, all, findInd{ex,ices} (an order of magnitude faster in certain cases).
* Faster (up to 5%-30%) implementations of fold{l,r}, scan{l,r}, mapAccum{L,R}, any, all, filter.
* Add indexMaybe and synonym (!?) for safe indexing.
* Re-export Data.ByteString.Lazy.{from,to}Strict from Data.ByteString.
* Remove deprecated modules and functions.

Many people contributed their time and effort to make this release happen. Just to name a few in no particular order, mostly according to `git log`:

* Alexandre Esteves
* Andreas Klebinger
* Andrew Martin
* Ben Gamari
* Cole Miller
* Edward Kmett
* Fintan Halpenny
* Fumiaki Kinoshita
* H├ęcate Kleidukos
* Peter Duchovni
* Sergey Vinokurov
* Simon Jakobi
* Sylvain Henry
* Viktor Dukhovni
* me

Here is an incantation for `stack` folks:

    resolver: nightly-2020-09-23
    - .
    - bytestring-
    - github: haskell/cabal
      commit: 5139d6e72d391bffa3cf06f08884277799eb0b45
        - Cabal
    - binary-
    - directory-
    - text-
    - unix-
    - parsec-
    - process-
    allow-newer: true

Best regards,

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