New Libraries Proposal process

chessai chessai1996 at
Fri Sep 11 19:19:34 UTC 2020


There is a new Libraries Proposal process, inspired by the GHC Proposals

Core Library APIs are critical. It's easy for a sensible proposal to
languish or simply get dropped on the floor; and (in the other direction) a
bit too easy for a proposal to make it into the core libraries without
receiving the scrutiny it deserves. Most of the proposals that have been
made on this mailing list, become lost to the archives. It's not easy for
anyone to answer the question "what decisions has the CLC made recently?"
without trawling a huge email archive.

Of course, this is mostly for breaking changes or "big" introductions; we
don't need a full proposal over something tiny, e.g. "a module from vector
is missing a fold". That would be more appropriate on vector's issue
tracker, and left to the maintainers to deal with.

I encourage anyone interested to get started by reading the README at
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