Symmetric difference for Set and IntSet

Andrew Lelechenko andrew.lelechenko at
Fri Jun 26 17:16:00 UTC 2020

On 18 Jun 2020, at 23:42, Bardur Arantsson <spam at> wrote:
> I think it's probably going to be useful, but I would suggest an
> algorithm which actually returns each of the terms here (as a tuple), i.e.
>   The "added" bits
>   The "removed" bits
>   The "common" bits
> This may not be *that* useful for sets per se, but I've lost count of
> how often I've had to implement a similar thing for maps.

This is probably orthogonal to my proposal here, because it does not improve the performance of symmetricDifference. Maps are more flexible in this aspect, because there are merge tactics, which allow to encode any set operation.

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