New maintainers of Core Libraries

chessai chessai1996 at
Sun Jun 7 19:53:40 UTC 2020


`vector`, `random`, and `primitive` have new maintainers.

vector ( Alexey Kuleshevich (, Alexey Khudyakov (
, Andrew Lelechenko (

random ( Alexey Kuleshevich (, Dominic Steinitz (, Leonhard Markert (, Alexey Khudyakov ( , Andrew Lelechenko (

primitive ( Andrew Martin (, David Feuer (,
chessai (

They are all trustworthy, knowledgeable, passionate, and looking forward to
serving the Haskell community!

Furthermore, throughput on contributions to these libraries should increase
with all the new maintainers.

Reach out to me (chessai1996 at if you have any questions.

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