type class Boolean

Oleg Grenrus oleg.grenrus at iki.fi
Tue Dec 22 10:40:26 UTC 2020

I didn't want to clash with Prelude names. Also in Heyting-generality
"not" is not correct either. (In general, neg is not involutive).

- Oleg

On 22.12.2020 1.28, Ben Franksen wrote:
> Am 21.12.20 um 21:04 schrieb Oleg Grenrus:
>> lattice package has 'not':
>> https://hackage.haskell.org/package/lattices-2.0.2/docs/Algebra-Heyting.html#v:neg
> Oh, nice! (Though 'neg' is not quite as suggestive as 'not'.)
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