containers: intersections for Set, along with Semigroup newtype

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Sun Dec 6 18:55:59 UTC 2020

It doesn't violate any laws per say, due to the general lawlessness of
Foldable, but violates aesthetics. If we restrict it to NonEmpty then we
get a lovely semigroup homomorphism!
If we loosen it to lists, then the identity element of the list monoid gets
mapped to an absorbing element in the Set semigroup under intersection,
which just feels... off.

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> reedmullanix at>:
>> [...]
>>   intersections :: Ord a => NonEmpty (Set a) -> Set a
>>   intersections (s :| ss) = Foldable.foldl' intersection s ss
>> [...]
> Why NonEmpty? I would expect "intersections [] = Set.empty", because the
> result contains all the elements which are in all sets, i.e. none. That's
> at least my intuition, is there some law which this would violate?
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