Package take over: regex-{base,compat,pcre,posix}

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvriedel at
Sat Sep 7 11:28:20 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I tried to contact Christopher Kuklewicz on May 10, 2019 via the two email
addresses associated with his packages (also CC'ed in this email) but got
no response.

I hereby invoke the protocol as per to take over the packages
mentioned in the subject line which haven't seen any release to Hackage
since May 2012 as the most recent upload events for these packages show:

2012-05-30T21:44:34Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-pcre-0.94.4-r0
2012-05-20T16:46:16Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-pcre-0.94.3-r0
2012-05-20T16:35:59Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-posix-0.95.2-r0
2011-05-09T18:01:58Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-compat-0.95.1-r0
2011-05-09T15:55:55Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-posix-0.95.1-r0
2011-05-09T15:29:42Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-posix-0.95.0-r0
2010-07-20T10:58:10Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-posix-0.94.4-r0
2010-06-11T23:01:36Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-posix-0.94.2-r0
2010-06-11T23:00:42Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-pcre-0.94.2-r0
2010-06-11T22:59:26Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-compat-0.93.1-r0
2010-06-11T22:58:19Z ChrisKuklewicz regex-base-0.93.2-r0

This package take-over is also tracked at
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