postgresql-simple broken in GHC 8.6.3 on Windows

Oleg Grenrus oleg.grenrus at
Mon Jan 21 22:21:25 UTC 2019

Hi, Yitzchak

I enabled issues, do you mind copy&pasting your message into new issue,
so we can discuss it in public?

Cheers, Oleg.

On 21.1.2019 18.59, Yitzchak Gale wrote:
> First of all, many thanks to Oleg for taking on maintainership of
> postgresql-simple.
> Oleg, your new github fork of postgresql-simple - which is now the
> official source of this package - does not have issues enabled. Where
> is the right place to report issues?
> In particular, the library is not building for us on Windows with GHC
> 8.6.3. One of our devs has a guess that it's related to GHC bug
> #16057. In any case, we'd like to file an issue for postgresql-simple.
> The evidence that this GHC bug may be at play is that compilation
> hangs in Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.FromField, which uses some TH
> splices. That is the same behavior we are seeing for ofther packages
> that are hit by this GHC bug on Windows.
> Thanks,
> Yitz

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