Add missing Monad/Traversable instances to tuples

Fumiaki Kinoshita fumiexcel at
Tue Apr 2 04:28:43 UTC 2019

I submitted but it
might be still controversial. I'd like to get more opinions again.

Here's the list of proposed instances:

Foldable ((,,) a b)
Foldable ((,,,) a b c)
Traversable ((,,) a b)
Traversable ((,,,) a b c)
Functor ((,,) a b)
(Monoid a, Monoid b) => Applicative ((,,) a b)
(Monoid a, Monoid b) => Monad ((,,) a b)
Functor ((,,,) a b c)
(Monoid a, Monoid b, Monoid c) => Applicative ((,,,) a b c)
(Monoid a, Monoid b, Monoid c) => Monad ((,,,) a b c)

The absence of Traversable instances for tuples feels quite inconsistent
given that there are Bitraversable instances already.
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