Proposal: Move primitive-Data.Primitive.Addr API into base

Sven Panne svenpanne at
Thu Nov 1 12:07:34 UTC 2018

Am Do., 1. Nov. 2018 um 01:22 Uhr schrieb Edward Kmett <ekmett at>:

> [...] At some point in the future we can work out if it is worth it to get
> the report fixed up by incorporating the Addr-based API as the default and
> make the _other_ the legacy.

Even though this thread is slowly approaching 100 mails, I still haven't
heard a single convincing argument *why* anything should changed or *what*
exactly is broken and *how* it effects API users. I very much disagree that
there is anything to be "fixed" in that area. If you dislike the part of
the Haskell Report, you are free to build your own APIs built on Addr,
nothing is stopping you from doing that. Of course you will have some
friction to the rest of the world which is using Ptr, but this is the price
to pay when you deviate from standards.

In a nutshell: Please show me e.g. some Wiki page with facts and real
problems, not aesthetic opinions. It should be clear by now that we will
never reach a consensus on that level, so in consequence the current status
quo *must* win.

Regarding the more fancy suggestions to sizeOf/alignment (proxies, some
type Kung Fu): Remember that the FFI is part of the Haskell Report, so
unless these things are in the report, too, there is no point discussing
about such options. I'm not opposed to include such things in the report,
far from it, but these things must go in first.
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