Resolve name collsion of `first` and `second` by Control.Arrow and Data.Bifunctor

Alexandre Rodrigues alexandrer_b at
Tue May 8 14:57:40 UTC 2018

Name collisions are always an issue, and I think you raise a valid point. However, in this case, does Haskell not already offer a solution? Qualified imports do add some overhead, but doing


import qualified Control.Arrow  as A

import qualified Data.Bifunctor as B

foo :: Foo

foo = f . A.first . g

baz :: Baz

baz = h . B.first . i


does not seem too difficult.

On 08-05-2018 15:35, 박신환 wrote:

I had to import both Control.Arrow and Data.Bifunctor, and the name collision is annoying.

`first` and `second` from Data.Bifunctor should be given other names. I suggest (<$<) and (>$>), respectively.


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