Daniel Cartwright chessai1996 at
Fri Jun 8 17:10:08 UTC 2018

The "INLINABLE" pragma's name is misleading, it is more like
"SPECIALISABLE". Consider the documentation for INLINABLE:

Top-level definitions can be marked INLINABLE.

myComplicatedFunction :: (Show a, Num a) => ...
myComplicatedFunction = ...

{-# INLINABLE myComplicatedFunction #-}

This causes exactly two things to happens.

   1. The function's (exact) definition is included in the interface file
   for the module.
   2. The function will be specialised at use sites -- even across modules.

Note that GHC is no more keen to inline an INLINABLE function than any
I propose that we deprecate "INLINABLE" over a number of years at the same
time as introducing "SPECIALISABLE". This wouldn't cause breakages for a
long time.
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