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Don't grap any of these nice names for that obscure feature.  Take some 
ugly name.

On 18.01.2018 00:46, Andrew Martin wrote:
> Required background information: 
> GHC has a one-tuple (both a boxed variant and an unboxed variant). The 
> unboxed variant currently must be fully applied whenever it is used. 
> This is in stark contrast to all the other n-tuples (n > 1). It stems 
> entirely from an issue of syntax. The solution decided on is to provide 
> a normal prefix name for the 1-tuple. The name that GHC uses internally 
> for this type is `Unit#` (there is also a boxed variant Unit). However, 
> in the haskell community, the word "unit" already refers to the nullary 
> tuple, not the unary tuple. So, we're bikeshedding the name.
> Here are some possible options:
> * Unary (as in unary tuple)
> * Single (as in single, double, triple)
> * Singleton (as is singleton, doubleton, tripleton)
> * Only 
> (
> * OneTuple 
> (
> * Uni (means "one" in latin or greek or something like that)
> * Mono (means "one" in latin or greek or something like that)
> I would appreciate any feedback on the suggestions I provided or any 
> additional suggestions for the name. If you have concerns about the 
> feature itself, comment on the GHC Trac ticket. I'd prefer to keep this 
> thread focused on just the problem of coming up with a name.

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