Name for unary unboxed one-tuple

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Wed Apr 25 10:29:30 UTC 2018

Andrew probably did not make a mistake. Library proposals generally start
on the libraries list and only go to the CLC when there is trouble reaching
consensus or when the change is seen as particularly serious.

On Wed, Apr 25, 2018, 4:29 AM Simon Peyton Jones via Libraries <
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> Dear Libraries Committee
> Some time ago Andrew Martin asked you
> <>
> what the name of the unary unboxed one-tuple type and data constructor
> should be.  The thread ran for a while, but you never came to a conclusion.
> Can we nail this one?   You’ll see on Trac #14673
> <> that chessai
> wants me to decide 😊.  But it should really be you.
> To me, there seems to be something of a consensus around Solo#.
> Simon
> PS: actually I think Andrew may have addressed libraries@ rather than
> core-libraries-committee@ by mistake.
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