Proposal for Data.Graph : Improve graph creation complexity when nodes have "consecutive" keys

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Mon Apr 2 11:30:38 UTC 2018


I'm resending this proposal, which is simplified w.r.t the first one, and
where I removed a wrong analysis of a benchmark.

- Proposal I : Optimize the time complexity of (key -> Maybe Vertex)
lookups and graph creation when keys are Integral and consecutive.

(The related PR for proposal I is [1], including benchmarks showing the
performance improvements.)

Currently, (key -> Maybe Vertex) lookups returned by graphFromEdges consist
of a binary search on an array, with a time complexity of O(log V) (I will
use V for "Count of vertices", E for "Count of edges").

When key is Integral, and keys (of nodes passed to the graph creation
function) form a set of /consecutive/ values (for example : [4,5,6,7] or
[5,6,4,7]), we can have an O(1) lookup by substracting the value of the
smallest key, and checking for bounds.

Hence, graph creation complexity is improved, and user algorithms using
(key -> Maybe Vertex) lookups will see their complexity reduced by a factor
of up-to O(log V).

The PR introduces this lookup and uses it for functions
graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveKeys and graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveAscKeys.

Here is a summary of complexities for (graph creation, lookup function) as
they stand in the current state of the PR:

- graphFromEdges (the currently existing function):
O( (V+E) * log V ), O(log V)
- graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveKeys (new function):
O( E + (V*log V) ), O(1)
- graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveAscKeys (new function) :
O( V+E ), O(1)

- Proposal II : Deprecate `graphFromEdges` taking [(node, key, [key])] in
favor of `graphFromMap` taking (Map key (node,[key]))

If we pass the same key twice in the list we pass to 'graphFromEdges' it is
undefined which node for that key will actually be used.
Introducing 'graphFromMap', taking a (Map key (node,[key]) would alleviate
this issue, through the type used.

Also, using a Map makes the implementation a bit more "natural" : there is
no need for sorting by key, as Map.toAscList gives exactly the sorted list
we want.

We could also deprecate graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveKeys and
graphFromEdgesWithConsecutiveAscKeys (introduced in proposal I) in favor of

About the naming, I propose two different schemes:

    - graphFromEdges                 (takes a List, deprecated, existing
    - graphFromEdgesInMap            (takes a Map)
    - graphFromEdgesInConsecutiveMap (takes a Map with consecutive keys)
    - graphFromEdges                 (takes a List, deprecated, existing
    - graphFromMap
    - graphFromConsecutiveMap
 with these, to reflect the Map / List duality in the naming scheme:
    - graphFromList               (takes a List, deprecated, redirects to
    - graphFromConsecutiveList    (takes a List, deprecated, redirects to
    - graphFromConsecutiveAscList (takes a List, deprecated, redirects to

Olivier Sohn

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