Proposal: Taking over/up network maintainership evan at
Thu Oct 12 02:05:23 UTC 2017

Kazu and I have been mostly derelict in our duties aside from critical bugs
and base conflicts on new versions. +1 from me, but I would advise a strong
preference towards backwards compatibly. Network is at the bottom of many
stacks and breaking changes bubble far.

On Oct 10, 2017 12:21 PM, "David Feuer" <david.feuer at> wrote:

> A maintainer has arrived, and we should all rejoice! Is a proposal even
> necessary? Regardless, Merijn is obviously qualified, and the package
> obviously needs a maintainer, so +1.
> On Oct 10, 2017 5:29 AM, "Merijn Verstraaten" <merijn at>
> wrote:
>> Hi hackage admins & libraries@ readers,
>> So, to the best of my knowledge 'network' is currently maintained by
>> libraries@/the community, which is code for "not maintained". I've
>> previously entertained the thought of taking up maintainership, but so far
>> was held back by the fact that I don't do windows dev experience. I've
>> discussed this in #ghc before and the consensus was that *nix only
>> maintenance is probably still better than no maintenance.
>> I was inspired to finally write this email and try to take up maintenance
>> after spending all day yesterday tomorrow debugging an issue in my code,
>> only to realise that Network.ByteString.Lazy.getContents will literally
>> *always* crash/throw an exception when used.
>> My plans are to:
>> Short term: fix obvious errors like getContents, cut through the PR
>> backlog on github to see what can be merged, what needs work, etc.
>> Medium term: Improve exception/error handling (network specific exception
>> type that people can catch), better (async) exceptions safety
>> guarantees/documentation of safety
>> Long term: I would like ditch the current (deprecated) high-level
>> interface and replace it with modern high level API.
>> Now, the biggest problem is that I don't have experience developing on
>> Windows and neither the time nor the motivation to get started with that,
>> so I will need someone to take up co-maintainership of the windows parts
>> (I'll probably send an email about this to -cafe if people are supportive
>> of me taking up maintenance).
>> Cheers,
>> Merijn
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