PROPOSAL: Add Map/IntMap newtypes for different Monoid to containers

Andreas Abel abela at
Fri Mar 24 10:59:15 UTC 2017

Please make your proposal more specific.
(So that we can tear it apart, haha!)

Seriously, I think it is to vague for starting a discussion.


On 24.03.2017 11:36, Merijn Verstraaten wrote:
> I would like to propose adding a newtype wrapper (with all relevant instances) for Map and IntMap (if I missed any other applicable type in containers, let me know).
> This newtype should differ in Monoid/Semigroup instance from Map/IntMap by switching:
> Ord k => Semigroup (Map k v)
> Ord k => Monoid (Map k v)
> to:
> (Ord k, Semigroup v) => Semigroup (Map k v)
> (Ord k, Monoid v) => Monoid (Map k v) or (Ord k, Semigroup v) => Monoid (Map k v)
> Any opinions on the overall idea? Opinions on which Monoid instance? Bikeshed for the newtype names?
> Cheers,
> Merijn
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