prelude-compat, prelude2010

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Sat Jan 2 12:21:53 UTC 2016

Here is my attempt to make packages compile with GHC-7.10 and older 
compilers without warnings:

The idea is that prelude2010:Prelude maintains the export list of 
haskell2010:Prelude such that you are saved both from identifier conflicts 
and warnings about redundant imports of Data.Foldable etc.

Unfortunately, when I try to use it on GHC-7.8.4 together with 
base-noprelude, I am told that base-noprelude cannot be installed with 
Cabal-1.22. :-(

However, when thinking about adapting all my packages to this work-around 
I'd prefer to switch to the real solution, namely split base packages that 
can be upgraded independently from GHC.

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