Haskell Foldable Wast

John Wiegley johnw at newartisans.com
Wed Feb 24 18:17:10 UTC 2016

>>>>> amindfv  <amindfv at gmail.com> writes:

> (What I'm proposing is, since there is a sizeable number of people on both
> sides of the issue who don't seem to be coming closer to an agreement, we
> bring a vote *to the users* on whether to provide Foldable/Traversable
> instances for tuples of size 2 and greater. If users say they're useful, we
> keep/add 'em. If they find them confusing/not useful, we remove/don't add
> 'em)

Also, would we still have access to the instances if we directly import
Data.Foldable? Some of us do use them.

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