Types for Data.Sequence pattern synonyms

David Feuer david.feuer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 16:39:19 UTC 2016

As discussed, I plan to add pattern synonyms Empty, :<|, and :|> to
make working with sequences more convenient. The remaining question is
what types they should have. From the Data.Sequence standpoint, the
best thing would be to make them work *only* for Seq, so that the Seq
type will be inferred from their use. However, modules using multiple
sequence types might benefit from more flexibility, via ad hoc
classes. This, however, requires that something else pin down the
sequence type, and could cause more confusing error messages. I'm
leaning toward the simple, monomorphic approach, but I figured I
should ask here in case anyone disagrees strongly.

{-# LANGUAGE PatternSynonyms, ScopedTypeVariables,
MultiParamTypeClasses, FunctionalDependencies, FlexibleInstances,
ViewPatterns #-}

module Patt where
import Data.Sequence as S
import Prelude as P

class FastFront x xs | xs -> x where
  fcons :: x -> xs -> xs
  fviewl :: xs -> ViewLS x xs

class FastRear x xs | xs -> x where
  fsnoc :: xs -> x -> xs
  fviewr :: xs -> ViewRS x xs

class FastEmpty x xs | xs -> x where
  fMkEmpty :: xs
  fIsEmpty :: xs -> Bool

instance FastFront a (Seq a) where
  fcons = (<|)
  fviewl xs = case viewl xs of
                EmptyL -> EmptyLS
                y :< ys -> ConsLS y ys

instance FastFront a [a] where
  fcons = (:)
  fviewl [] = EmptyLS
  fviewl (x : xs) = ConsLS x xs

instance FastRear a (Seq a) where
  fsnoc = (|>)
  fviewr xs = case viewr xs of
                EmptyR -> EmptyRS
                ys :> y -> SnocRS ys y

instance FastEmpty a (Seq a) where
  fMkEmpty = mempty
  fIsEmpty = S.null

instance FastEmpty a [a] where
  fMkEmpty = []
  fIsEmpty = P.null

data ViewLS x xs = EmptyLS | ConsLS x xs
data ViewRS x xs = EmptyRS | SnocRS xs x

pattern x :<| xs <- (fviewl -> ConsLS x xs) where
  x :<| xs = fcons x xs

pattern xs :|> x <- (fviewr -> SnocRS xs x) where
  xs :|> x = fsnoc xs x

pattern Empty <- (fIsEmpty -> True) where
  Empty = fMkEmpty

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