I can no longer maintain containers

Phil Ruffwind rf at rufflewind.com
Mon Apr 4 02:28:33 UTC 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong: my understanding of how Cabal currently works is
that if containers becomes a meta-package for other packages (say,
containers-map and containers-seq), then users of the package would have to
explicitly specify containers-map and containers-seq in the .cabal file.
Additionally, to provide compatibility with older versions, there would
need to be some sort of conditional logic too.  This wouldn't be easy to
automate, since one also needs to convert the version bound for containers
into corresponding version bounds for the subpackages.

Hence, I think unless there is a way to make it 100% compatible with
downstream splitting the package is probably not a good idea, given
that containers
is such a fundamental package in the ecosystem.  Looking at
http://packdeps.haskellers.com/reverse , there are about 3000 packages
downstream that depend on it (one of highest among the list).
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