[Haskell-cafe] RFC: "Native -XCPP" Proposal

Dan Doel dan.doel at gmail.com
Fri May 8 16:12:28 UTC 2015

vector generates a considerable amount of code using CPP macros.

And with regard to other mails, I'm not too eager (personally) to port that
to template Haskell, even though I'm no fan of CPP. The code generation
being done is so dumb that CPP is pretty much perfect for it, and TH would
probably just be more work (and it's certainly more work to write it again
now that it's already written).

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 10:21 AM, Bardur Arantsson <spam at scientician.net>

> On 06-05-2015 15:05, Alan & Kim Zimmerman wrote:
> > Perhaps it makes sense to scan hackage to find all the different CPP
> idioms
> > that are actually used in Haskell code, if it is a small/well-defined set
> > it may be worth writing a simple custom preprocessor.
> >
> +1, I'll wager that the vast majority of usages are just for version
> range checks.
> If there are packages that require more, they could just keep using the
> system-cpp or, I, guess cpphs if it gets baked into GHC. Like you, I'd
> want to see real evidence that that's actually worth the
> effort/complication.
> Regards,
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