Hackage trustee proposal: Curating the Hackage package collection

Adam Bergmark adam at bergmark.nl
Tue Mar 31 10:33:24 UTC 2015

Dear Haskell Community,

For some time Hackage has contained a user group called "Trustees",
http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/trustees/ .

Description: The role of trustees is to help to curate the whole
package collection. Trustees have a limited ability to edit package
information, for the entire package database (as opposed to package
maintainers who have full control over individual packages). Trustees
can edit .cabal files, edit other package metadata and upload
documentation but they cannot upload new package versions."

In short, making sure that packages keep building and filling the gap
between unreachable maintainers and package take-overs.

Up until now we have been very careful with changes since we haven't
had a defined process. Spurred by SPJ and others we have been working
on a proposal for how we should operate.

You can find the proposal here:

We would now like your feedback!

Some specific things from the proposal that we'd like your opinion on:

* Section 1: No opt-out for restricting bounds
* Section 2: Opt-out rather than opt-in procedure for loosening version
* Section 2: Do you care whether you are notified before or after a version
constraint is loosened?
* Section 3: The time frame for publishing simple source changes
* Section 3: What exactly should constitute a "simple source change"

We also have a github repository where YOU can file issues about
broken packages, you can start doing this right now!

Please share this with as many people as possible.
We are looking forward to hear your thoughts!

Adam Bergmark
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