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Thu Mar 26 20:19:51 UTC 2015

ansi-wl-pprint sits underneath a large chunk of our infrastructure:
test-framework, criterion, trifecta, etc.

Transitively through those dependencies it affects a very large percentage
of the Haskell packages we have today, because you can't build almost
anybody's testing and benchmarking frameworks without it.

We recently had to push out an non-maintainer update for GHC 7.10-rc3
compatibility, and due to NMU update guidelines meant we had to wait 2
weeks before we could do anything. This pretty much ensured that the entire
7.10-rc3 release cycle went by with very very few people able to run their
test suites, and little testing was able to be performed in the allotted

Fortunately, Neil managed to find a rather large regression on his own
during this time:

That said, given that we found issues with linear caused by the changes to
Typeable, once we fixed the test suite, this gives me pause. I'm pretty
sure nobody downstream of linear tried to run their test suites on rc3.

I'd like to not find ourselves in that situation again.

We have a policy of considering requests for maintainership transfer after
~6 months of inactivity. Max has been inactive for over a year.

I'd like to invoke that today, and formally request to take over
maintainership of ansi-wl-pprint.

All of the visible activity on in the
last year or so is on java projects.

We've already adopted test-framework.

In the event Max returns to active status in the Haskell community, I'd
happily relinquish control.

Thank you for your consideration,

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