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davean davean at xkcd.com
Tue Mar 24 04:33:11 UTC 2015

> I didn't have that problem with Python or Clojure. I didn't run into
> it with Python until I was building enterprise-class systems. I ran
> into other issues that made me drop Clojure before I ran into this
> one.

Well, it also was standard python practice to monkey patch the libraries to
fix deficiencies, like the inability to call "PUT" with the standard HTTP

Where as I see people picking the right X library to have a style of
programming that makes their code easy to follow in Haskell instead of
"just making it work".
Now I probably see a highly non-random selection of programmer's work in
Haskell. I'd say what I see is not what you propose at all though. I see 2
or 3 HTTP client libs used in the same (large-ish) project even, because
each of them has different code it makes easier and prettier.

One of Haskell's attraction to me is the work done in selecting good
abstractions and approaches to problems refining the method used. This will
inherently lead to diversity. Sometimes its bad. but its part of not just
getting the job done, but instead trying to do it better.
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