[haskell-infrastructure] wither the Platform

Miëtek Bak mietek at bak.io
Mon Mar 23 18:17:11 UTC 2015

On 2015-03-23, at 18:13, Andrew Farmer <afarmer at ittc.ku.edu> wrote:

> I personally just download the latest bindist from the GHC site and
> bootstrap cabal myself. Partly this is because my work requires me to
> have the latest GHC, so maybe I'm not in the HP's target demographic.
> That said, I would love if there was a platform that just did that (+
> whatever is needed to get that to work). Maybe at the end of the
> minimal install, give me a choice between stackage and hackage and set
> the remote-repo in my cabal file appropriately.

I’m happy to say `halcyon install --cabal-remote-repo=…` does just that.

See the Halcyon tutorial and reference for details:


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