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> 2. A method for installing GHC and build tools. I personally think that it makes sense to separate out this aspect of the platform from all others. MinGHC is an example of such a project: a minimal set of functionality for bootstrapping a more complete Haskell development environment.
> 3. Prebuilt binary package databases. As I've mentioned in the past, and others have here, there are problems with the current approach of putting the packages in the global package database. I'd personally rather see this aspect of the platform give way to more robust solutions.

> I think a smaller task force dedicated to improving the tooling situation is the best next step, and I'd be happy to kick off such an effort with other interested individuals.

I’d be very happy to contribute to this effort.  In fact, I’ve already spent some of time addressing these issues.

Halcyon already provides a method for installing GHC, cabal-install, build-tools, and other Haskell programs — on OS X, and many Linux distributions.  FreeBSD and Windows are on the roadmap.

Additionally, Halcyon allows you to declare native OS libraries as build-time (or run-time…) dependencies for Haskell programs.  They will be installed into a user-controlled directory, by wrapping around the native OS package manager.

Currently, this is supported on Debian-based and RedHat-based Linux distributions, which partially implements a long-standing cabal-install feature request:

See the Haskell Language source code for an example:

See the Halcyon reference for details:


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