Math in Haddock

Dominic Steinitz dominic at
Wed Jun 17 08:08:21 UTC 2015

You can install your own copy of mathjax and then use haddock --mathjax=URL. If you prefer something else, let me know and I will see if it is possible to add it. Ah but you are talking about Javascript, a subject about which I am completely ignorant. If you mean your browser does not support Javascript then I am at a loss. Maybe someone on this list can help?
Dominic Steinitz
dominic at

> On 17 Jun 2015, at 08:33, Taru Karttunen <taruti at> wrote:
> On 14.06 21:06, Dominic Steinitz wrote:
>> I thought folks might be interested in a little example of what is now
>> possible in Haddock (assuming my PR is accepted):
> Would it be possible to have better degradation for cases with
> Javascript blocked?
> - Taru Karttunen

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