Time files... and here's another alpha HP for 7.10

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 04:06:19 UTC 2015

So - I hear from a bird that 7.10.2 might be just around the corner. I'm
getting ahead of the curve!

I just did a fully hermetic and clean build of head of GHC 7.10 branch
(what should become 7.10.2), and then brought HP up-to-date:

   - bootstrapped with 7.10.1 (so hptool needed fixes to build with that)
   - uses latest shake
   - built on a clean Debian Wheezy (7) install, (hence uses glibc 2.13 and
   should also run on Ubuntu 12.04 and later)

The package versions are updated as follows:

Cabal      -->
cabal-install   -->

attoparsec   -->
syb               0.4.4      --> 0.5.1
text        -->

cgi               3001.2.2.1 --> 3001.2.2.2
network     -->
network-uri    -->

QuickCheck        2.8        --> 2.8.1
hscolour          1.22       --> 1.23

GLUT        -->
GLURaw      -->
OpenGL     -->
OpenGLRaw    -->

Only package issue was:

   -- held back because cabal-install needs < 0.6

All the same caveats and notes from Alpha 2 still apply.
All these changes are in the pre-release-2 branch on github -- I'll merge
it all together later this week.
There is a hp-bindist-tarball on my server:

SHA-256: b503c9e2c34c0865b5fee39444027667bb39b786fa7664029287e3bbf33379da

I'll build and put up OS X version in a day or two.

One last thing... I'm proposing that we name this release:  Haskell
Platform 7.10.2 !

- Mark
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