Proposal: Migrate Data.Functor.{Sum, Product, Compose} from transformers to base.

M Farkas-Dyck strake888 at
Sat Jul 25 17:30:06 UTC 2015

On 23/07/2015, Edward Kmett <ekmett at> wrote:
> So, as a concrete proposal I propose that we:
> 1.) Move Data.Functor.Sum, Data.Functor.Product, Data.Functor.Compose and
> Data.Functor.Classes into base.
> 2.) Move Control.Applicative's Const into Data.Functor.Const, but continue
> to re-export it from Control.Applicative.
> 3.) Add whatever missing, sensible, instances make sense after the
> transition that were ruled out by these modules' previous placement. *e.g.*
> Data, Generic, Generic1.

+1 all

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