ANN: haddock-2.16.1

Mateusz Kowalczyk fuuzetsu at
Wed Jul 22 21:17:33 UTC 2015


We're glad to announce Haddock 2.16.1. It is mostly a bugfix release: I
inline the changelog at the bottom. It should work fine with 7.10.x GHC
family. The packages are already on Hackage: haddock for the executable,
haddock-api for the guts and use from Haskell and haddock-library which
is the comment parser.

It should also be shipping with GHC 7.10.2.

I think two things are worth mentioning before:

* The pending mathjax PR[1] is going to be included in future release of
Haddock. As it is likely to break the interface file version, I am
putting it off a bit to bundle with other possibly interface-breaking

* Our GSOC student has successfully completed first part of his
project[2]. It involves native source code highlighting and perhaps more
excitingly, source hyperlinking: you should now be able to click on
identifiers to be taken to their definitions. This change is not in
2.16.1 as it is rather recent so we erred on the side of safety when
picking what to release with GHC 7.10.2. You can try it by building
current Haddock master, should work with 7.10.x family.

As usual, if you want to contribute, please do so on GitHub. We're also
on IRC under #haddock.


Changes in version 2.16.1

 * Don't default to type constructors for out-of-scope names (#253 and

 * Fix Hoogle display of constructors (#361)

 * Fully qualify names in Hoogle instances output (#263)

 * Output method documentation in Hoogle backend (#259)

 * Don't print instance safety information in Hoogle (#168)

 * Expand response files in arguments (#285)

 * Build the main executable with -threaded (#399)

 * Use SrcSpan of declarations for inferred type sigs (#207)

 * Fix cross-module instance locations (#383)

 * Fix alignment of Source link for instances in Firefox (#384)


Mateusz K.

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