Abstract FilePath Proposal

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Sat Jul 4 21:16:53 UTC 2015

2015-07-04 22:48 GMT+02:00 <amindfv at gmail.com>:

> I'd argue that Haskell and GHC's history clearly shows we've answered that
> question and that overalll we value frequent small breaking changes over
> giant change roadblocks like Perl's or Python's. [...]

I'm not sure that "value" is the right word. My impression is more that
this somehow happened accidentally and was not the result of careful
planning or broad consensus. And even if in the past this might have been
the right thing, I consider today's state of affairs as something totally
different: In the past it was only GHC, small parts of the language or a
handful of packages (or even just a few modules, in the pre-package times).
Today every change resonates through thousands of packages on Hackage and
elsewhere. IMHO some approach similar to e.g. C++03 => C++11 => C++14 makes
more sense in world like this than a constantly fluctuating base, but
others might see this differently. My fear is that this will inevitably
lead to the necessity of having an autoconf-like feature detection
machinery to compile a package, and looking at a few packages, we are
already halfway there. :-/
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