Data.Graph nitpicks

Andreas Voellmy andreas.voellmy at
Mon Feb 9 23:15:55 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I was just using the stronglyConnComp function in Data.Graph and found some
minor annoying things:

1. stronglyConnComp takes an out-list as input. On the other hand, none of
the other graph algorithms, like dfs, etc do this. stronglyConnComp seems
to basically be an algorithm on graphs, so why doesn't it take the graph as
input? Can we change stronglyConnComp to take a graph as input? That would
make the interface more uniform.

2. Why is stronglyConnComp in a special haddock section whereas all the
other algorithms are in the "Algorithms" section? How about we group it
with all the other algorithms?

3. Why are there are so few instances of SCC? In particular, why not derive
Show and Eq?

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